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Sleep8 helps you sleep deeper, longer, and sounder.

Sleep Better. Stress Less.

A blend of 8 ingredients proven to help you get restorative sleep. Melatonin, Chamomile, Passion Flower, Qiye Shen’an Pian, & more!

The ABC's of ZZZs

Better days start with good sleep.

Sleep is critical; deep sleep is essential for tissue repair, committing information to long-term memory, and overall great health. Sleep 8 contains 8 proven ingredients, including melatonin, chamomile, passion flower, and Qiye Shen’an Pian, a staple for relaxing the nervous system. This proprietary blend act on your mind and body to help induce relaxation, conducive to restorative sleep.

Sleep Shouldn't Keep You Up At Night

All ingredients are triple tested for quality and potency in a state-of-art lab to guarantee our customers receive the purest, most efficacious herbals blends that work.


"I've had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep for years and have tried many natural products that didn't work. I finally found one that allows me to get a full nights sleep."

Louis Mumma


"It has proven to be an exceptionally effective sleep aid. My Wife and I agree on this as we have both experienced this product quite a few times. The two capsules are easy to swallow and the effects are gentle so that you drift off as opposed to being knocked out, so to speak."

Mary Bray

Melatonin is Very Helpful

"I am someone who suffers from anxiety and chronic stress to the point where I'm always worrying about something. When I found out about these New Roots Just Chillin' pills, I was a bit skeptical but decided to give them a try and now I can't go a day without taking them! They help me calm down and even sleep better at night.I have had problems falling asleep for years. That's the time when I am finally not busy, and I lie in bed awake, thinking, thinking, thinking... I definitely need something to help turn off my mind, and I am hesitant about drugs. Melatonin works pretty well for me, most of the time."

Anthony Graddy

Trusted Since 1985

New Roots Herbal is a family-owned and operated natural health product manufacture, dedicated to supporting wellness from the ground up. Every ingredient goes through rigorous testing in our ISO 17025 accredited lab. What you see on the label is what you get, nothing more, nothing less.


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