Protecting Probiotics is Key

The Science is Clear: Gastric Acid Destroys Probiotics

GPSTM enteric-coated capsules are tested and proven to protect probiotics from harsh stomach acid.

Uncoated Capsule

Over 90% of the probiotics can be destroyed
by stomach acid, wasting most of the benefits.* Text

GPS™ Enteric-Coated Capsule

Delivers 100% of ingredients on the label,
live to the intestines, providing full benefits.*

Probiotic Facts

Everything You Need to Know about ProbioticsText

Enteric Coating v. Delayed Release

Probiotics work wonders—but only if they make it past your stomach
acid and reach the intestines where they can actually do their job.
Made from natural sources, our enteric-coated capsules offer unrivaled protection for your probiotics. Studies have shown these capsules deliver 100% of the probiotics past stomach acid to the small intestine where they are slowly released.

“Delayed-release capsules” have been shown to be ineffective in protecting probiotics from stomach acid. Tests have found that these capsules often open or leak in stomach acid in less than 30 minutes, resulting in the destruction of 80% to 99% of the probiotics. Only enteric-coated probiotic capsules ensure that 100% of the promised probiotic cells survive acidic gastric conditions. Given the data, the
only logical choice is to choose an enteric-coated probiotic.

Refrigerated v. Shelf-Stable

Some probiotic strains may be hardier than others, but they can all benefit from being refrigerated. This is especially true of the valuable
but delicate Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, which will die in 6 to 30 days at room temperature.

Because of this, shelf-stable products are unable to reliably deliver the necessary variety of probiotics to provide you with the maximum benefits. Refrigeration during manufacturing, shipping, and storage is
the only way to preserve viability of a complete spectrum of probiotics.

CFU Counts and Strains

What is a CFU count? A colony-forming unit, CFU for short,
is the number of viable bacteria within the probiotic.

To be of any value to your health, a probiotic should contain bacteria that are capable of surviving your stomach acid to successfully thrive in your intestines (be viable). Probiotics can have many benefits; despite the well-established science, few companies actually deliver on the promise. Probiotics naturally die off and, if they are not properly protected, they are unable to bring you their full health benefits. Through use of our proven enteric-coated capsules and our insistence on refrigeration, the live count we promise on our box is exactly what you can count on being delivered to your intestines. Every time.

Show Me the Counts

Looking for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth on probiotics? Don’t just take our word for it!

We’ve gathered a collection of studies that can help you see the big picture on probiotics and, more importantly, enjoy all their healthy benefits.


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